Baldwin Returns To SNL As Trump’s Totally Real Publicist ‘John Miller’

“First, I want to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo, which is when all Mexicans eat a sink full of mayonnaise,” Trump told “Morning Joe” hosts.

“Saturday Night Live” opened its latest episode with a spoof of “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who recently announced their engagement after years of speculations and rumors.

The cold open kicked off with Brzezinski, who was played by Kate McKinnon, and Scarborough, played by Alex Moffat, flirting with each other while also arguing back and forth about the future of health care in the United States.

Although their awkward chemistry was enough to make audience laugh and cringe at the same time, things took a turn for better when President Donald Trump's publicist "John Miller" called into the show to talk about American Health Care Act aka Trumpcare.

Interestingly, the voice on other end sounded eerily familiar.

“First, I want to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo, which is when all Mexicans eat a sink full of mayonnaise,” the president began in his usual manner. “I’m just celebrating the fantastic success we had and accomplished yesterday with the new healthcare law. After Congress voted, we had a party here. We had beer [to celebrate that] the disaster that was Obamacare has finally been defeated.”

Well, we might be used to watching Alec Baldwin with his bright orange makeup and signature pout as he imitated Trump, but his voice was just as recognizable.

For those unaware, Baldwin's cameo as Trump masquerading as his own publicist was a nod to a bizarre interview Trump did back in 1991 with The Washington Post where he pretended to be his own publicist.

Obviously, “Miller” was shocked to learn that Obamacare has not yet been repealed as the AHCA still needs to pass through the Senate.

In response to this reminder, “Miller” proved to be just as ignorant as his boss when he asked, “What, now?” before stuttering, “But…there was beer.”

The focus then turned back to the “Morning Joe” hosts, who continued showing off their new relationship, to the horror of everyone nearby.

Watch Baldwin's sneaky cameo in the video above.

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