Watch Bernie Sanders Show Off His Spectacular Acting Skills

That time Bernie Sanders stunned everyone with his acting skills in a low budget rom-com – and sounded exactly like Larry David while doing it.

Donald Trump is not the only presidential candidate with a flair for dramatics and showmanship. Bernie Sanders is just as much of a performer and a star as his Republican counterpart.

The Democratic hopeful, who is extremely popular among young voters compared to his competitor and party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, is more of a free spirit compared to most buttoned-up politicians in the United States.

In fact, according to a recently unearthed video, Sanders is perhaps the most multi-talented and skilled candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

As it turns out, the Vermont senator had a cameo appearance in the 1999 low-budget movie My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception. The romantic comedy focused on a Jewish-Italian wedding and all the hijinks that inevitably ensue. Oh, and Bernie Sanders played the rabbi who has strong opinions about everything — just like his real life persona  but more or less forgets about the issue he is supposed to address, which were the bride and groom in this instance.

The movie’s description reads:

“My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception is a ‘laugh out loud’ film full of all things we love and hate about weddings. A slice of life film that shows us what really happens on the most important days in some of our lives.”

Sanders also forayed into folk music during the '80s and even released an entire album We Shall Overcome.

Well, it’s sort of reassuring that even if Sanders does not get elected to the Oval Office, he might still have a somewhat successful career in Hollywood — or at least in B-movies.

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