Bob Dylan Rendered ‘Speechless’ By Nobel Literature Win

Bob Dylan ghosted the Nobel committee for weeks after his historic win.

Bob Dylan won the Nobel award for literature on Oct. 13 and angered legions of aspiring writers who believe that true literature is only the kind written on parchments with a quill and in a language inaccessible to the general public.

Bob Dylan

But what was even more bemusing than the win was the silence that followed.

Dylan is known for not caring about what other people think, and he seemingly did not care for his newest win. He went on with his life, ghosting the Nobel committee for two weeks, earning the titles of "arrogant" and "impolite" along the way.

But now, Dylan has been jolted awake from his inertia. He called the Swedish Academy and told Sarah Danius, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy that he accepts, and is ready to tie himself in a somewhat uneasy matrimony with the Nobel award. His excuse for not replying? The Nobel laureate for literature was rendered speechless and spent close to 16 days crafting a reply.

Dylan has done many out of character things. He gave an interview to The Telegraph, his first in two years. It is clear that although he may have accepted the award, he is not terribly excited for it. He will make it to the Nobel award ceremony in December, "if at all," thus proving that the reclusive singer has more in common with the introverted, shy millennials than any other icon.

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