Bollywood Star Sonu Nigam Goes Undercover As A Street Busker In Mumbai

In this video, Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam went in disguise as an old street performer on the sidewalks of Mumbai. No one recognized him for hours!

The video, which was produced by "Being Indian," shows a time lapse of Sonu Nigam’s gorgeous performance as an everyday street performer. Surprisingly, despite his celebrity status, no one recognized his voice because he was dressed in disguise as a poor, old man.

By stripping away Nigam’s celebrity status, the social experiment allows us to see how people naturally respond to the power of beautiful music.

On Twitter, Nigam called it his “most uninhibited and surreal crooning experience ever,” in a likely nod that he was performing completely disguised as an impoverished street busker.

The video also depicts Nigam getting his makeup done which included the addition of a large, prosthetic nose. 


Banner Image Credit: YouTube, BeingIndian

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