Can You Spot The Crude Word In This Anagram?

On the Channel 4 quiz show "Countdown," experts worked hard to find the longest anagram in letters "XHBLOUEMG" only to find an unexpectedly crude word.

The show "Countdown" may not be one of the most riotous shows on day-time television, but this moment sure takes the cake.

On Monday night, contestants on the quiz show were trying desperately to figure out the longest anagram out of the letters “XHBLOUEMG.”

One contestant came up with the word “bulge,” which was a good effort—however there was one even longer.

“Bumhole” was a longer word another contestant found, which got a few giggles from the crowd.

This isn’t the first time a less-than-polite word was found in the scrambled letters on the show. Previously, “orgasmed” was found, as well as “erection” and “slut.”

Banner Image Credit: Channel 4 via YouTube

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