CBS CEO Made It A Mission To Ruin Janet Jackson’s Career: Report

Moonves ordered MTV and VH1 (both Viacom properties) and all owned-radio stations to stop playing Jackson’s songs and videos.

Embattled CBS CEO and chairman Les Moonves faces a possible ousting amid claims of sexual harassment after an investigation by the New Yorker.

But a Huffington Post exclusive report shows another devious side to Moonves.

The CBS CEO is reportedly one to hold grudges — often for years. In fact, during the investigation many individuals contacted by Huff Post refused to talk to them, in fear of getting on the bad side of Moonves. They would not even agree to talk anonymously.

And one particular person, who was on the receiving end of Moonves unjustified wrath — was Janet Jackson.

After the notorious “wardrobe malfunction,” which would later define Jackson’s previously iconic career, Moonves reportedly became obsessed with taking revenge from the singer. According to the CBS chairman Jackson was not sorry enough for the incident.

The 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance by Jackson and Justin Timberlake is still remembered after the former’s breast was exposed for a mere fraction of a second when the latter pulled her bustier. CBS and MTV (a subsidiary of Viacom, the parent company of CBS at the time), produced the show and were blasted for the malfunction and fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission.

Both the singers said the tear was unintentional but Moonves reportedly would not let it go — who thought the Jackson and Timberlake deliberately wanted to stir up controversy.

He then banned the two artists from 2004 Grammys broadcast airing on his channel. According to Huff Post’s sources, Timberlake was later allowed by Moonves after he apologized for the incident tearfully. The CBS boss apparently wanted a similar apology from Jackson, which he apparently never got.

He then made it a mission to sabotage Jackson’s career in his capacity, who at the  time was a superstar in her own right.

Moonves ordered MTV and VH1 (both Viacom properties) and all owned-radio stations to stop playing Jackson’s songs and videos, as a result her newly released album at the time , suffered massively.

Another point of contention in the entire controversy was the discriminatory treatment between the two artists involved. Timberlake went on to enjoy a celebrated career (which he does to this day) and Jackson was made to deal with the consequences alone.

HuffPost sources suggest Moonves had a huge role in how Jackson was received after the debacle.

Seven years later, when Moonves got to know Jackson had somehow penned a deal with Simon & Schuster (which is owned by Viacom) for her book “True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself,”  all hell broke loose.

“How the fuck did she slip through?” he reportedly told one of the people who interviewed with HuffPost.

In fact, his tone about the book deal was so belligerent one source refused to speak on the record because he was “not interested in having that man following me to the grave and trying to screw me over the whole time.”  

While Jackson still bears the brunt of the blowout of Moonves’ animosity towards her, Timberlake performed at the halftime for Super Bowl 2018.

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