Celebrities Who Have Had Enough Of Gender Inequality

Women can really be as good or even better than men at whatever they want, and these celebrities are speaking up against sexism to prove just that.

Sexism is a common practice in nearly every walk of life. Be it the political, economic or social arena, women are always looked upon as “incomplete” unless they have a man to make them whole. They are also considered not as good as men and at the receiving end of derogatory remarks suggesting that females cannot think beyond makeup, clothes and accessories.

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However, a number of celebrities are workings hard to defy this cliché, changing the dynamics of the entertainment industry with their hard work and strong stance on feminism. The idea is to prove to the world that women can be just as good as men at whatever they do, and that both genders deserve equal rights.

Emma Watson in her speech for the HeForShe campaign explained that even though feminism is often confused for man hating, it is simply the ideology promoting equal rights for both sexes in every walk of life.

A few female celebrities often talk about how on the red carpet they are only asked questions like who designed their dress, whereas men are asked more intellectual questions regarding their role in a certain movie or their remarks about an upcoming film.

Check out this video of celebrities that have just had it with sexism.

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