These Celebrities Are Done With The Gender Pay Gap

There's a time for talking and a time for doing. These celebs have finally had enough.

Sexism is a pressing issue in nearly every walk of life and goes hand in hand with the gender pay gap. Interestingly, the phenomenon is even common in an industry as big as Hollywood where female actresses are paid way less than their male counterparts.

Jennifer Lawrence, known for her good-looks and outstanding acting, spoke up against the issue in an essay for Lena Dunham’s newsletter “Lenny.” J.Law discussed how as a woman she always feels the need to act a certain way to be liked more and appreciated, whereas her male counterparts get recognition regardless of what they say or do.

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In another incident, Sienna Miller refused to take on a Broadway role because of pay inequality, and even though she was rather keen on accepting the offer, Miller felt the need to stand up against the injustice toward women.

Other celebrities such as Patricia Arquette and Sandra Bullock have also spoken up against the pay inequality among men and women.

See what they had to say in the video above!

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