The Celebrities Who Didn’t Need Photoshop To Be Picture Perfect

People have become obsessed with the concept of being “picture perfect” and certain standards that define beauty. Unfortunately, celebrities too have fallen prey to it.

As a society, people have come up with certain characteristics and preconceived notions of what defines beautiful” and they expect others to be and look a certain way in order to fit in with their ideal image.

With the advancements the world is making, and growing to recognize and appreciate differences on the wider scale, people would be expected to have become more tolerant towards imperfections. Unfortunately, Photoshop has come to the rescue and people are being “adjusted” to fit into the boxes we have created. A number of celebrities have fallen prey to the wrath of this software where they have been made fairer and their bodies have been altered.

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This practice has reached the point where the celebrities themselves are speaking up against being “fixed” by various magazines to promote a certain image. Kerry Washington, Leena Dunham, Victoria Beckham, and Serena Williams are only  a few of the big names that were made to feel they were not “good enough” to be appreciated, and had to be altered if they wished to be liked by the masses. 

Check out the video above and see how these famous people were “fixed” to be picture perfect, even though they didn’t need it.

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