College Graduate Pens A Soulful Ode To Her Student Debt

A vocal artist from Chicago, Krystal Metcalfe, sings about the pain of millions indebted to student loans in her new, self-released single “Sallie.”

The cost of education comes heavy with the burden of students loans for many who have attended universities nationwide. 

In what is certainly a sign of the times, Krystal Metcalfe, a 29-year-old Chicago college graduate, penned a song about the challenges of living with the burden of student loans.

In the new self-released single, the soul crooner compared her struggle paying off her student loans to that of a break up with a girl named “Sallie,” in reference to major money lender Sallie Mae.  

Metcalfe said in an interview that she felt inspired to write “Sallie” after becoming fed up that she and her husband were using her mother’s Netflix account, which was unavailable since it had become overcrowded with users. She remembered telling her husband, “This is terrible, we don’t even have money to afford our own account and we’re grown adults.”

Her sentiment can be felt by many millennials who also spend what she called “a big chunk” of their monthly income to paying off loans.

She sings,

“You tell me

You’ll give me time

But I don’t want to spend my life

Indebted to you

and you call me

Almost every night

There’s no running, and I can’t hide

NO NO NO NO NO Sallie”

A spokesman for Sallie Mae, Rick Castellano, noted his appreciation for former students who owe a seemingly bottomless amount of money. He wrote in an email statement received by MarketWatch that Metcalfe didn’t appear to be indebted to Sallie Mae directly, but “we certainly empathize with her frustration.”

Castellano also pointed towards the overall misconception that while the lender has become synonymous with student debt for many Americans, the Department of Education handles the overwhelming majority of the student loan market these days.

Listen to the full song on Soundcloud below:



Photo credit: Twitter, @KrystalMetcalfe

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