Colbert Suggests Replacing Latino Judge On Trump Case With KKK Member

Stephen Colbert dedicated a monologue to bashing Donald Trump’s complaint that the Latino judge presiding over the Trump University case is too biased.


Stephen Colbert, once again, sunk his teeth into Donald Trump during Monday night’s episode of “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

During an approximately five-minute monologue, Colbert addressed the Republican presidential nominee’s Trump University troubles amid the ongoing lawsuit surrounding the scam.

Trump made headlines for claiming that the presiding judge was dishing out unfair rulings because of his "Mexican heritage."

While it’s no secret that Trump has a very strained relationship with Latinos — Mexican immigrants in particular — he was totally out of line to suggest that the respected Mexican-American judge cannot do his job without bias.

Thinking logically, Colbert interpreted Trump’s overall point to be that he “cannot be judged by a member of any group that he has offended” otherwise they will always rule unfairly against him.

With that in mind, Colbert listed off all the people who cannot judge the controversial candidate.

"So that means no Mexican judges, no Muslim judges, no Asian judges, no women judges — unless she's a 10 — Trump's insulted the Pope so no Catholic judges, he called everyone in Iowa stupid, so no judges that eat corn,” he said to a laughing audience.

After coming to the conclusion that there’s pretty much no one left to judge Trump, Colbert admitted that he would even have a hard time getting the job done without bias because, “My Irish heritage makes me want to fight anyone who looks that much like a potato.”

Colbert put the final nail in the coffin by subtly identifying the Ku Klux Klan as the only group of people who could judge Trump without even mentioning their name.

“You know what? Maybe Trump might be more comfortable if he couldn't tell the judge's race or gender," he said. "Maybe cover the judge up in an unbiased robe ... make it a white robe, maybe with a matching hood, that seems about right.”

Trump needs to have a like-minded judge presiding over his case in order to feel he’s being treated “fairly;” and considering his popularity among white supremacist organizations and hate groups who share his bigoted ideologies, Colbert’s insinuation seems pretty accurate. 

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