Country Music Stars Disparaged With Second Round Of Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel’s Country Music Edition of "Mean Tweets" is back and better than ever. Watch Dolly Parton, Florida Georgia Line, and more shake off the insults.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is known for making celebrities recite mean tweets to an eager late-night audience. In early November 2015, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, and more big country names read offensive tweets. The YouTube video of the segment garnered 12 million views and counting. A year later, the country crooners are returning to the silver screen. Spoiler: They’re going to need a lot of ice for these burns. 

“Bonnie Raitt looks like the aunt who would have a few too many at your mom’s birthday party and try to fight your dad,” a bemused Raitt said, reading the smartphone screen. Ouch. 

“In case of a national emergency, all air traffic will be redirected to Miranda Lambert’s forehead,” Lambert read, looking rather vexed. 

The tweet referencing Little Big Town rounded up major chuckles, and for good reason. 

“Why does the blonde in Little Big Town have hair like a Zoolander villain?” the tweet read. The group burst into laughter. “Oh, man,” Kimberly Roads Schlapman said. At least she’s a good sport. 

Audiences can always count on Dolly Parton for a clever response.

“I guess I should feel hurt, but I don’t, ’cause I pattern my look after a hooker,” she said, after reading the tweet, “It’s not a hooker convention, it’s a Dolly Parton concert.” 

Willie Nelson, however, stole the spotlight.

“Willie Nelson, you’re gettin’ pretty crusty, pal,” the tweet read. Nelson neither denies nor refutes. What a winner. 

Banner Image Credit: YouTube screengrab, Jimmy Kimmel Live

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