Sanders And Trump Come Face To Face In 'Captain America: Civil War'

Who knew there were so many incredible parallels between the 2016 presidential elections and Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster?

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” kicked off its Marvel-themed week with an epic presidential trailer for the studio’s highly anticipated smash hit “Captain America: Civil War.”

Marvel Week is supposed to bring the comic giant’s cinematic and television universes together along with debuting clips and sneak peeks from the upcoming movies, including Benedict Cumberbatch's upcoming “Doctor Strange.”

However, with the 2016 presidential elections generating all the hype right now, the late night show decided to start things off by combining the heated campaign with the newest superhero installment.

Unsurprisingly, the result is awesome.

“You know, there’s some interesting parallels between this presidential election and the movie 'Captain America: Civil War,'" Kimmel said on Monday night. “Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies, they both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters.”

Yes, the latest trailer for the “America: Civil War” features Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as “diabolical billionaire” Iron Man, while Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stars as “an all-American idealist” Captain America.

The clip, posted above, also features cameos from Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton and former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson.

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