SNL Finally Gives Donald Trump His Day In 'The People’s Court'

When President Donald Trump told federal judges he would see them in court, he apparently meant "The People's Court."

Alec Baldwin may not like President Donald Trump very much, but he still managed to fulfill the commander-in-chief and his press secretary's biggest political fantasy by taking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges to court — the TV court.

Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live," setting a record by hosting the hit NBC show for the 17th time, and once again reprised his iconic impersonation of the business mogul sitting in the White House.

The latest sketch had Baldwin's orange-skinned Trump taking on federal judges who declined to reinstate the travel ban against Syrian refugees and immigrants from six other Muslim countries, and well, he did not disappoint.

The People’s Court skit came right after the side-splitting cold open that had Melissa McCarthy continuing her portrayal of an even angrier Press Secretary Sean "Spicey" Spicer.

"Mr. Trump, you understand this is a TV court, right?" asked Cecily Strong as a People's Court judge.

"That's OK, I'm a TV president," Baldwin responded, in the only Trump impression reprisal of the evening.

When asked if he swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Baldwin waved off the deputy with, “I’m good.”

The fake Trump then began his case by saying he signed, but didn't read, the "tremendous" travel ban. He claimed he wanted the ban reinstated and also to be paid “$725.”

The sexist mogul also asked, "What do you call a lady judge? A flight attendant?"

However, to gain some footing, the president decided to call a member of his family, a person who knows him better than anyone else, to be a character witness.

He was talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course.

"He's my little American Happy Meal," quipped shirtless Beck Bennett.

The case, unsurprisingly, ended in favor of the judges, who threw out Trump’s case and accused him of “doing too much.”

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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