Donald Trump Forces Ted Cruz To Pour A Drink

Fallon successfully brought out the comedian in Ted Cruz as the presidential candidate poked fun at his political adversary as well as his “New York values” gaffe.

For the first time ever, Ted Cruz, a staunch critic of mainstream “liberal” media, appeared on “The Tonight Show” and tried his hand at comedy.

As it turned out, the Texas senator wasn’t half bad.

Together with host Jimmy Fallon, Cruz acted in a hilarious sketch mocking his Republican presidential rival Donald Trump.

“I’ve been on that show many times so I thought I’d help you out and do a pre-interview,” Fallon’s “Donald” tells his political adversary on the phone.

“I appreciate you being the bigger man,” Cruz replies.

“I’m the bigger man, with the bigger hands…and the bigger, you can’t see me but I’m pointing at my Trump Tower,” the impostor billionaire immediately shoots back, hearkening back to Trump’s much-controversial remarks about his private parts during a March GOP presidential debate.

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Cruz also poked fun at his “New York values” gaffe, which earned him much scorn from New Yorkers just days ahead of the state’s primary scheduled on April 19.

“When I said New York values, I was merely trying to say I value New York, except I was saying it backwards, the way Yoda would say it,” he explains to the audience.

Toward the end, Fallon’s Trump also advises Cruz to do a lip-sync battle on "The Tonight Show" on his favorite song. To find out what it is, watch the video above.

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