'Drake's Beef' Has Him Feuding With The Whole SNL Cast

In case you missed it, Drake did much better with comedy than his music on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Drake "beefed" with "Saturday Night Live" cast members in an excellent stand-alone clip, and also managed to address his status as a human meme in the show's monologue this week.

Everything from cracking a joke and not answering “what’s up” to borrowing a chair and taking a water bottle from him sets Drake off. The singer hilariously made fun of his own emotional tendencies.

Pete Davidson was first in his sights. “You ain’t no Josh Gad,” he says. Drake passes Leslie Jones in the hallway and asks, “What’s up, Leslie?” When she responds that she was distracted, Drake has a beef with her too, rapping, “What did I do to you? You used to be my best friend, now I never trust you.”

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Aidy Bryant moves his hat to sit down. And Drake raps "I can never trust you, cause you moved my hat. If Josh Gad was here, he would’ve made me laugh.”

Not even nice words from “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michael’s can do anything about Drake’s beef. When  Michaels makes an appearance to tell Drake he’s doing a good job, the compliment just isn’t good enough. Drake raps, “I’m doing great, you bitch!"

It was hands down the funniest sketch of the night.

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