SNL: Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle Makes Final Appearance

Drunk uncle is back with the opinions nobody in his family listens to anymore.

The sixth estate of America, the useless, entitled white drunk uncle, appeared on "Saturday Night Live" to dispense political opinions for the final time.

Drunk Uncle came with his trademark glass of whiskey and a red MAGA cap. He sat down and out came a flurry of politically incorrect thoughts.

Bobby Moynihan bid goodbye to SNL and Drunk Uncle, who was mad at young people who only care about juices and gender fluidity and face apps. He resents the New World Order, whereby he cannot even call "it" a Nintendo Switch anymore as she prefers to be called Caitlyn. Uncle however, is glad that with little Trumpy, a white guy in America finally has the chance to make it in America again.

Moynihan is leaving the show after nine seasons to star in his CBS comedy "Me, Myself & I."

Since you will be avoiding your family all year, watch the video above if you are feeling nostalgic for Thanksgiving dinners.

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