A Tennis Player Got Tired Of His Opponent’s Grunting, So He Did This

This Dutch tennis player apparently had enough of his opponent but the chair umpire was not so sympathetic to his plight.

A grueling sport like tennis takes its toll on players — and the tension can often exacerbate beyond endurance from your opponent’s non-stop grunting.

Tennis player Robin Haase lost his cool during a match for this very reason.

The Dutch player was in the middle of an intense round with Chilean opponent Gonzalo Lama during the Prostejov Challenger, a competition in the ATP Challenger Tour on Tuesday. From the way Lama was grunting, it was evident he was putting everything on the line with his every strike.

However, Haase soon could no longer tolerate his opponent’s groaning. After several shots back and forth between the players, during which time Lama refused to be silent, Haase let out a loud yell of his own — which sounded more like someone retching rather than making an concerted effort at a game.

Hasse was evidently mocking his opponent, but, apparently, the chair umpire of the tournament was not amused. Consequently, the Dutch player’s juvenile tactic awarded a point to Lama on the grounds of “hindrance.”

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It also cost him the entire match, 6-3, 6-3, and the social media had a field day at his expense.

“So the grunter can grunt…but when the other player grunts it's point-loss worthy? I'd love to hear the logic of this,” Redditor afashiondesigner said.

To which they got the reply, “You aren't allowed to sarcastically grunt in tennis, all grunts must be sincere,” from Redditor udbluehens.

“I was told the same thing in bed. I sleep on the couch now,” another Redditor claimed.

And that’s tennis for you.

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