Elijah Wood Now Denies The Rampant Pedophilia In Hollywood

The “Lord of the Rings” star opens up about Tinseltown’s most shameful and disturbing secret: pedophile rings protected by high-powered industry elites.

Elijah Wood Speaks

Update: “Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood is now claiming that the story written about him in his interview with the Hollywood Reporter was misleading.

“It prompted a number of false headlines. I had just seen a documentary and briefly spoke to a reporter which had consequences I did not intend or expect,” the actor said.

In regards to pedophilia in Hollywood, Wood is now claiming that he
“has no firsthand experience or observation on the topic.” 

Child actors in Hollywood, or in any other movie industry for that matter, don’t have it easy. The excruciating hours, the added pressure and the constant spotlight makes it almost impossible for young celebrities to have a normal childhood.

The problems extend beyond that. While allegations of child abuse and pedophilia have always lurked just under the surface, a former child star has disclosed that this particular issue runs much deeper.

“Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood, who started his acting career at the tender age of 8, recently told the Sunday Times that high-powered predators in Hollywood are sexually abusing young people working in the industry.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” said Wood, comparing the situation to the Jimmy Savile scandal in the U.K. where a late entertainer was accused of sexually abusing boys and girls for decades. “You all grew up with Savile — Jesus, it must have been devastating. There is a darkness in the underbelly  if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

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Wood said his mother, Debra Wood, protected him during his earlier years in the industry, adding that he never went to parties where that kind of thing was the norm. He believes sex crimes are still a problem in the industry.

“From my reading and research, I've been led down dark paths to realize that these things probably are still happening,” the 35-year-old explained. “If you're innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed, people with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.”

The actor, who currently stars alongside Nicolas Cage in “The Trust,” also expressed his disdain toward the rampant culture of silencing and blaming victims.

“What upsets me about these situations is that the victims can't speak as loudly as the people in power,” Wood concluded. “There's the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: They can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

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