Jimmy Fallon's Spoof Of Trump's Press Conference Is Insanely Accurate

"Uh, Mr. President? CNN here," a "reporter" says. "FAKE NEWS," "Trump" (Fallon) responds. "Fake news, fake news."

President Donald Trump is known for his choleric and pettish attitude. He took his erratic behavior to another level, though, at a press conference Thursday, in which he attacked journalists and the media (what's new?), lied about ties to Russia, and wrote the plain facts off as "fake news," the Daily Beast reports

It's Trump's favorite phrase, it seems.

Late-night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon expertly satirized the press conference, and it was rather brilliant. 

"Welcome, welcome," "Trump" (Fallon) begins. "Thank me, thank me, thank me. And buckle up because I'm coming in hot. This is going to be a crazy one. Daddy came to play." 

The crowd chuckles. 

"First of all, you're all fake news," "Trump" says. "I hate you all very much, and thank you for being here."

"First question: no, next," "Trump" says, referring to the media audience. "But, Mr. President," a "reporter" interjects. "No one has even asked a question yet."

"Doesn't matter," "Trump" says. "No, next."

This spoof hits a little too close to home, doesn't it?

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