The Flint Water Crisis Isn't A Joking Matter, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah proved that he's nothing like Jon Stewart, willing to laugh at the victims of a water crisis during one of the worst corruption stories in history.

Trevor Noah made a tasteless joke about the Flint, Michigan water crisis during a recent segment on The Daily Show, reminding viewers that no one can be quite like Jon Stewart.

After taking a few jabs at Marco Rubio, noting that he was suspending his campaign after he lost his home state to Donald Trump, Noah decided to “pour one out for the homie we lost.”

“This is for you,” Noah said as he poured three bottles of water out, referencing his amusing water-drinking difficulties.

Before moving on, Noah then made an incredibly poor joke at the expense of everyone suffering through the water crisis in Michigan.

"Don't worry, Flint, Michigan, we're not wasting the water," Noah said as he showed the camera a bucket that he was pouring the water into. “I got you.”

The audience, understandably, was not amused by this tasteless joke; aside from a few groans, the audience fell into an uncomfortable silence.

While Noah is still fairly new to the Daily Show, he should know well enough by now that a joke like this is just classless.

Watch the cringe-worthy video below:

Banner Image Credit: Comedy Central

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