Fox News Anchor Blasts Conway:'Microwaves Do Not Turn Into Cameras'

"Microwaves do not turn into cameras," Fox News anchor Shep Smith says in a new segment. "Fox News can now confirm microwaves heat food."

If you're generally averse to Fox News for its right-wing ties out to Donald Trump, allow this diamond in the rough to make your day. In a recent segment, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith expertly trolled Kellyanne Conway, who's always saying something to ridicule. 

In this case, it was Conway's "microwaves that turn into cameras" comment — made when she responded to President Donald Trump's repeated surveillance accusations against former President Barack Obama — that sent the internet into a fit of laughter. 

Stephen Colbert went after her, and so did Smith. Behold:

"A House Committee [set] a deadline today for President Trump to hand over evidence to support his claim that President Obama tapped his phones," Smith says at the start of his broadcast.

"So far there is absolutely nothing," he continues. "But his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway — whom we really don't quote much anymore because, well, history — is noting that phones aren't the only way people spy on people. For instance, what about televisions? And then she said ... your microwave."

Smith's dry delivery of the word "microwave" is sure to round up audience chuckles. It doesn't get more deadpan than this. 

And he's not even finished. Just wait until the end. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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