Fox News Hosts: Wonder Woman’s Costume Is Not American Enough

It turns out Fox News host Neil Cavuto and his guests have a major (and informed) issue with "Wonder Woman."

The new "Wonder Woman" movie has scored a hero’s welcome from critics, considering at one point, it boasted a record-tying 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, Fox News has an issue with the latest DC Comics adaptation, featuring Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the lead.

Apparently, according to Fox News host Neil Cavuto and his guest panelists the character’s not American enough.

Yes, the film’s Amazonian warrior princess doesn’t represent Americans.


Because of the lack of red, white, and blue on Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume.

“'Wonder Woman' is out in theaters right now. Some are calling it less American because her outfit isn’t red, white and blue and in order to appeal for foreign audiences, it has very little reference to America at all,” Cavuto said.

“I think, nowadays, sadly, money trumps patriotism. Especially, recently, I personally feel like we’re not really very patriotic, the country, in a certain sense. They want these movies to succeed internationally, so they’re going to dial back,” said guest Dion Baia. 

Guest Mike Gunzelman added, “I think the Hollywood aspect, we see this time and time again, it’s cool to hate America these days.”

Interesting take, considering Wonder Woman's origin story is tied to Greek mythology, not America. 

Meanwhile, Cavuto was convinced Captain America's patriotism had also been toned down to suit foreign audiences.

He then attempted to promote a rival, much-derided film: "Just go see 'Baywatch.'"

It seems Cavuto and his guests are in the minority in the U.S. about how people feel about this new Wonder Woman, played by Gadot. "Wonder Woman," which opened in theaters on Friday, could earn $100 million its opening weekend.

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