'Game of Thrones' White Walkers Take Over London Station

On Monday, in anticipation of the seventh season premiere, White Walkers from 'Game of Thrones' took over London's King Cross Station.

If you take public transportation to work, you've probably seen some wild things. 

But have you ever come across White Walkers?

On Monday, the otherworldly "Game of Thrones" creatures entered our world to instill fear and bewilderment to commuters and tourists alike at King's Cross Station in London, Mashable reported.


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Their presence was in anticipation of the show's season 7 premiere in the United Kingdom that evening.


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As icing on the cake, musicians played the show's theme song somewhere else in the station. 

White Walkers aren't humans but are an ancient species of humanoids who first arrived in Westeros 8,000 years ago during the longest winter, according to Bustle. After being driven up north, these skeletal terrors continue to invade.

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