'Gotham' Star's Transgender Daughter Still Missing After A Week

Actor Donal Logue and his ex-wife continue to turn to social media with pleas for information and the safe return of their daughter, who has been missing for a week.

You may know actor Donal Logue for his starring role on "Gotham."

He plays no-nonsense cop, Harvey Bullock. But more recently, he's been showing his true side, that of a concerned father. Along with his ex-wife, Logue has made a public plea for newfound help to find their 16-year-old child, Jade. She's been missing for a week, last reportedly seen in Brooklyn.  

This latest post came from Logue’s ex, Kasey Smith, on July 2, 2017. In a video she posted on Twitter, she spoke directly to Jade and called for anyone with information on her whereabouts to step forward.

"What matters is that there is a child out there, my baby, Donal's baby, out there missing," Smith said. "Jade, if you're watching this ... we want you home. Please come home. We love you. We miss you terribly."

Jade has been missing since Monday, June 26. According to a spokesperson for the New York City Police Department, she was last seen in the area of Barclays Center in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn wearing blue jeans, a green military parka, and a gray baseball cap.

Since Jade's disappearance, Logue and Smith have taken to Twitter and Facebook asking for any information regarding their daughter’s disappearance.

According to FBI’s National Crime Information Center, more than 465,000 children were reported missing in 2016. What's more, that number could be even larger because many children are never even reported missing.

At this point, the NYPD has stated that they have found no signs of foul play, therefore, they're considering the teen a runaway. Hopefully, with all the story's exposure, someone will come forward with information on Jade's whereabouts. 

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