Vanessa Hudgens Pays Tribute To Father With ‘Grease:Live’ Song

Just hours after her dad dies, Vanessa Hudgens draws from a well of amazing strength to slay on live TV.

One day after her father’s death, Vanessa Hudgens dazzled viewers with her performance on Grease: Live.

Her performance would have drawn raves on any night. But in this particular situation, Hudgens somehow managed to knock it out the park with her performance.

The High School Musical star announced the death of her father from cancer on Twitter on the eve of her Grease: Live performance as Betty Rizzo. But, despite the terrible tragedy, she vowed to honor her father’s memory through her performance on the show.

The reaction to the tragedy came very quick online, with fans and celebrities offering her words of sympathy and encouragement on Twitter and Instagram as she prepared to head into the live performance of the iconic musical.

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Her army of friends, including Debra Messing, Julianna Hough, Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland, immediately showed their support through consoling tweets.

In light of the tragic news, a few slips from Hudgens would have been easily forgiven. But she outdid herself as Rizzo and especially with her rendition of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.” Her brilliant performance throughout the show came to an emotional head with the number.

Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez was clearly blown away as he sent “a special shoutout to @VanessaHudgens for an amazing performance tonight! Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and fam! #GreaseLive”

Other stars also commended the former Disney star on her "electrifyin'" performance and praised her courage and professionalism after her devastating loss.

The live television adaptation was dedicated to Hudgens’ father and a message honoring Greg Hudgens came on screen at the end of the broadcast.

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