Harrison Ford Jumps To Help Driver Injured In Car Crash

The legendary actor, known for his plane crashes, witnessed a recent car accident in California, jumping to the driver's aid after the collision.

Harrison Ford isn’t just famous for playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones — he’s also regularly in the news for being in crashes. Now, his name is trending once again because of another accident, except this time around, he was actually the hero of the story.

After witnessing a woman lose control of her vehicle and plunge down a highway embankment, Ford did not think twice, pulling over and joining others in the effort to remove the woman from the crashed vehicle before emergency personnel arrived, TMZ reported.

The accident, which happened on California State Route 126, didn’t result in major injuries as the driver was taken to the hospital sustaining only minor wounds. Still, Ford sprang into action and remained at the scene until officials arrived.

Despite Ford’s role in this incident, he’s been involved in at least one plane accident and one close call in the past, which could have turned out deadly. On Twitter, many folks didn't miss the opportunity to bring his record up.

In September, he was also spotted helping New York commuters after a pileup in the Midtown Tunnel.  

It seems as if he’s slowly transitioning from a walking disaster to the hero he has played on the silver screen — and there's nothing wrong with that.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

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