Here's Why The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal Is So Insane

With an alleged rape taking place on set while the cameras were rolling, "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants were sent home, and an investigation began.

Even if you don't avidly follow the "Bachelor" franchise, you've probably heard the murmors about an alleged rape that happened on the set of this season's "Bachelor in Paradise."

The show brings "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" rejects to the secluded Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico, where the hope is that they'll find love.

But the reality of this "reality" TV show is that what really happens is a lot of drinking — the bartender plays such a big role that he's even included in the intro promo — and a whole lot of drama. 


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But that's what makes for a great show, right? The men and women are edited and cut so professionally that they appear to us as the craziest versions of themselves. The behind-the-scenes action, I'm sure, is not far off from the way "Unreal" portrays the scheming producers and show runners. That's why, for me at least, when an alleged rape took place on camera, I was shocked that it was actually reported by producers. (This, in and of itself, is worrisome.) 

Here's the problem, though. Supposedly, the act took place on June 4. The news broke this week after the show suspended production over the weekend. Aside from the fact that it took nearly five days for any visible change to take place, the shocking thing is what's being reported about that fateful night. 

Allegedly, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were heavily drinking and things escalated sexually. This was all recorded on camera. According to The Independent, at some point, crew members came out on set and "carried her off to her room"

Consent cannot be given if a person is not conscious enough to make decisions, let alone walk. Note 01:20 in this video — it's really quite simple.

The show's host came forward to say, "Let me start by saying the safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us. It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming."

How could that be the case when the show intentionally pits contestants against one another, adds alcohol, and sits back to watch. There have been injuries during athletic competitions, and people who've consumed too much alcohol and were carted off to the hospital. And yes, these things are accidents, and we're all adults, so we should know our limits. But in this case, that does not apply. 

When the news broke, despite the avid following of the show, fans quickly took sides. And you'd be surprised at how some people reacted, or maybe not, because of the world we live in

Men and women alike are comparing Olympios' overt sexual tendencies in the past with what happened recently. That's just crazy! If you never believed in victim blaming before, see it alive and well today. Considering how in the spotlight and ingrained in pop culture this show is, something so horrible should never happen on it. There are cameras and people on staff 24/7.

Along the way, there were ways producers could have stopped things, halted filming, removed Jackson and Olympios from the situation, but perhaps they thought, "This will make for good TV."

It doesn't and never will. Instead, they ruined one, if not multiple, lives. I hope they learned their lesson. 

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