Hollywood Tour Bus Crashes The Oscars, Leaving Tourists Surprised

A couple on a Hollywood tour bus got the surprise of their life when Denzel Washington pronounced them husband and wife at the Dolby Theatre during the Oscars.

Jimmy Kimmel is the best surprise planner. Period.

During the 89th Academy Awards, the awesome host shocked a group of people when he had their bus pull over outside the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars were being held.

“In a few minutes those people are going to walk through these doors right here,” he said. 

“If everybody stays perfectly still, maybe we can make them think they're at the wax museum,” Kimmel added.

He, along with the tour guide, then led the unsuspecting group into the venue where they were left starstruck as the dimmed lights came on.

The tourists were absolutely stunned as they caught sight of some of their favorite celebrities, and even got up close with them.

Things got even more interesting when Kimmel found out that a couple from Chicago, Gary and Vicky, were getting married in July.

“Who's your favorite actor?” he asked Vicky.

“That man over there,” she said pointing to Denzel Washington. Within moments, Washington assumed the role of a priest as he pronounced the two husband and wife and asked Gary to “kiss the bride.”

Jennifer Aniston was then told to find the newly married couple a wedding gift from her purse.

The group went around the theater shaking hands with their favorite stars and clicking selfies with them, as Mahershala Ali, who won the first Oscar of the night, let the group touch his gold statuette.

The night was surely memorable for many people from the film industry and of course, for the tourists who eventually walked out of the venue with a bunch of lasting memories.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mario Anzuoni 

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