Stars Snub Oscar Winning Costume Designer For Her Wardrobe

Stuck-up Hollywood stars dressed to the nines cannot accept the fact that an award-winning costume designer might actually prefer to dress for comfort.

Jenny Beavan just can't win in Hollywood. Oh, make no mistake, she is an Oscar winner, something most A-listers will never be able to say. But watching her accept her Oscar was like watching the cool kids gang up on the offbeat student in the lunchroom. 

It was Stephen Fry who first called Jenny Beavan “bag lady” on stage the BAFTA ceremony. Now, it’s the Hollywood glitterati at the 88th Academy Awards, who refused to applaud her and threw her shady looks as she walked to the stage — and it’s completely ironic and sad because she bagged the Best Costume Designer award for "Mad Max: Fury Road."

As Beavan made her way to the stage to receive her award, many of the Hollywood stars didn't clap for her and some even had the audacity to check out her outfit from head to toe and laugh behind their hands.

Notably, “Spotlight” director Tom McCarthy and “The Revenant” director Alejandro Iñárritu — who quite conveniently seemed to have forgotten about the “equality” he spoke about on his speech — can be seen in the background, glowering at her like she had personally insulted them with her choice of wardrobe.

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It should be obvious that as a designer, Beavan knows perfectly well how to dress herself appropriately for a setting like the Oscars. But it should be equally obvious that the so-called “bag lady” is a style maven of her own and is not afraid to wear whatever she feels comfortable in.

Some of her fans apparently think so too, as is evident from the outpouring of support she got from them.




It’s really bizarre how these well-turned-out celebrities cannot grasp the concept of choosing comfort over impossible and mostly bizarre Hollywood dress codes.

"I have no interest in my own clothes or in clothes in general," she said at the 2010 Oscar Awards ceremony. "My love is creating characters through clothes."

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