Hero Hugh Jackman Rescues His Son and Other Swimmers From Drowning

Not only does Hugh Jackman play heroes in the movies, he is now a real-life superhero with the emergence of this dramatic video.

"The Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman saved his 15-year-old son, Oscar, and other beach-goers from dangerous surf at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday.

The 47-year-old actor jumped into action Saturday afternoon after he, his 15-year-old son Oscar, daughter Ava and fellow swimmers got stuck in a riptide.

In a dramatic video, Jackman can be seen linking arms with fellow swimmers to emerge safely from the riptide, while also motioning to others still in the water to come ashore.

A man named Peter Adam, who was in the surf at the time, told the sources Jackman's daughter, Ava, was also in trouble in the water. Adam said he was helping her at the time.

"Jackman wasn't rescuing me, I was assisting him to get his daughter up to the sandbar. He then grabbed my hand to get us up," Adam said. "He then went to get his son."

Lifeguards quickly joined in the rescue effort, using boards and jet skis to rescue additional beach-goers.

After his heroic turn, Hugh was too shaken to speak with the media but his actions here speak far louder than his words. Bondi Beach had to be shut down after the incident too.

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