89 Strangers Came Together To Write A ‘Hamilton’ Parody About Jeb Bush

“Jeb Bush, exclamation point//My name is Jeb Bush, exclamation point//And there’s a million things I haven’t done//But please just clap, please just clap.”

Hamilton Parody

 It is an established fact that Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign was utter disaster.

The former Florida governor, despite belonging to one of the most prominent political dynasties in the country, was unable to compete with the likes of business mogul Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. His less-than-stellar performance on the campaign trail, paired with his equally flat personality, forced him to bow out of the race for the Republican nomination in South Carolina, the state he had hoped would resurrect his fortunes.

It is rather ironic to think that many once considered Bush the heir apparent to the Republican Party, because the only interesting thing that came out of this presidential campaign was a variety of hilarious memes — one of which has given birth to a full-fledged Broadway musical that, for now, is only available on 70-page Google Doc.

Inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical hit “Hamilton,” the recently released musical titled “Jeb!: An American Disappointment” is the collective work of 19 primary authors and 70 other contributors. What is strange is none of these people knew each other before they began to repurpose every song in “Hamilton” to make it about the Bush brother.

“None of us have met in real life, but through the power of the Internet, we were able to not only create this project, but become friends,” the collaborators told the Daily Dot, explaining how a Facebook meme brought them all together.

The musical also celebrates other presidential candidates — including Donald Trump as Aaron Burr, George W. Bush as George Washington, Ted Cruz as Thomas Jefferson, Marco Rubio as Hamilton’s son Philip, and Chris Christie as Hercules Mulligan. The role of King George III is split between Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Hamilton Parody

The musical opens with a song called “Jeb! Bush, Exclamation Point,” which is a hilarious take on the original:

“Jeb Bush, exclamation point.

My name is Jeb Bush, exclamation point.

And there’s a million things I haven’t done

But please just clap, please just clap.”

Another popular song “My Shot” turned into “My (Exclamation) Point” as the former Florida governor defends the exclamation mark in his slogan.

“I am not throwin’ away mah point!

Not throwin’ away mah exclamation - point!

Hey yo, I’m just like my country, I’m excitable and jumpy,

And I’m not throwin’ away mah point!”

The idea for the musical was first proposed in a Facebook group by a "Hamilton" fan named Alex Cohen.

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