J. Law And John Oliver Reveal Dirty Secrets To Jimmy Fallon

We all have those dirty little secrets we pretend to forget and put behind us. But what happens when they come back to haunt us on live TV?

Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver made an appearance at "The Tonight Show" on Monday, and indulged in a game of True Confessions.

J. Law was the first one to play and she read out a statement from one of the envelopes placed in front of her. Oliver and Jimmy Fallon then go on to interrogate her about it, in an attempt to find out whether she really popped an Ambien before filming a scene of "The Hunger Games." Turns out, it is true!

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Fallon was on the spot next, and picked out his first envelope, which had a statement about writing a song and offering it free of charge to Paul McCartney. The show host took things a little further when he sang the song, explaining he had left it on McCartney’s voicemail but has not heard back from him ever since.

Lawrence and Oliver seemed rather confused over whether the confession was true or false, and interestingly it was true.

Fallon diverted mid-game to tell J. Law she had something on her nose upon which she sheepishly said, "Was it a booger? I felt it."

And lastly, Oliver found himself in the spotlight as he had to prove he worked in the kitchen of the Buckingham Palace as a teenager for a summer job. Fallon and Lawrence didn’t buy that easily, as they threw numerous questions his way.

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Check out the epic video above to find out the truth for yourself.

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