Jimmy Fallon Beautifully Portrays The Total Ignorance Of Betsy DeVos

Regarding the new education secretary, Fallon's recent skit hits the nail on the mark: "Betsy, don't eat the pamphlet. Betsy, no! Betsy, put it down!"

On Feb. 7, to America's great educational demise, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary. To be frank, there could not be a more abhorrent pick for the position. This woman actually said, out loud, during a senate confirmation hearing, that guns are necessary in school because of grizzlies in Wyoming

Now, the characteristically goofy and apolitical late night show host Jimmy Fallon is taking on DeVos in the best way possible — by means of screaming satire, in which the underlying message is crystal clear. 

And what IS the message? See for yourself.

"Some people aren't too happy with [DeVos'] confirmation, saying she has no real experience in public education," Fallon says, warming up the crowd. "Well, we wanted to give her a chance to defend herself, so we actually have Betsy DeVos via satellite right now. Betsy!"

The audience claps in anticipation, and the camera pans to "Betsy." 

"Betsy?" Betsy!" Fallon calls, as "Betsy" appears to be unaware of where the camera is located. 

"Hi, Jimmy. Hi, Jimmy. Thanks for having me on your television," "Betsy" says, still looking away from the camera. 

"Betsy, the camera's the other way," Fallon says helpfully.

"Perfect. I have notes. Hi, I'm Betsy DeVos!" "Betsy" says, mispronouncing her own name. 

And that's only the start of things. Throughout the sketch, "Betsy" says she plans to throw out textbooks and instead employ propaganda pamphlets littered with over-the-top history mistakes from President Donald Trump. 

When she opens the foreign language pamphlet — which she later tries to eat — three words are written in capital letters: "Just speak English." 

The best part, though, is when she rewrites the pledge of allegiance to align with her nonsensical agenda. 

Times may be grim, but have a laugh at DeVos' expense. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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