'Trump' Calls Obama To Gloat Over Indiana Win, Spoil 'Game Of Thrones'

As President Obama’s days in the White House come to an end, Trump calls the POTUS to discuss his Indiana win and some Game of Thrones.

"The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" the host did a brilliant and spot-on impersonation of Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump on a recent show.

The sketch kicked off with an Obama look-alike crossing off his days left in the Oval Office on a calendar. As the POTUS was thinking about what he’ll do with his time, he received a call from Trump (read: Jimmy Fallon).

“Congratulations, you’ve just reached Donald Trump,” Fallon says.

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Trump continues bragging about his Indiana “big win” and throws in “and when I’m in charge, America’s gonna start winning, and winning bigly.”

The two then go on to discuss their “hilarious” speeches at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and on foreign policy.

Obama then gets on some “real talk” with the presidential hopeful as he tells him Hillary is a tough competitor to beat.

But the show stopper was Obama’s comment about Bernie Sanders as he compared him to glitter. “You know, you know how it is, you think he’s gone and then four days later, you’re like what, what the hell are you still doing there.”

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Trump, however, was truly his annoying self, and threw in a "Game Of Thrones" spoiler for Obama hinting Jon Snow came back from the dead.

Check out the epic sketch above!

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