Sia Singing "Iko Iko" With Natalie Portman And The Roots Is Perfection

Before bringing down the house with a performance of “Cheap Thrills,” Sia sat down with Jimmy Fallon and Natalie Portman for a magical rendition of the classic song "Iko Iko.”

A cue ball, 8 ball, kick drum, wood block, deck of cards, plastic paint bucket, spoons, conga drums, cups, guiro, maracas and some Sia wigs were all that was needed for this brilliant rendition of the classic single "Iko Iko.”

The song was originally called “Jock-A-Mo” and was written and released in 1953 by Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters.

And as if the collaboration with the Roots wasn’t impressive enough, Sia later blew the audience away with a stellar performance of her song "Cheap Thrills" off her upcoming album, This Is Acting.

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Oh, and do not forget to check out Portman and Fallon in those Sia wigs. They look good.

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