Jimmy Kimmel Asks Americans About Trump's First Day Before It Happened

"Well, I think we're all on the boat with [Trump], and if we want that boat to go down, then we're going down with him," one interviewee says.

Friday, Jan. 20, is the day President-elect Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States.

Americans, however, aren't aware of this. At least the ones that Jimmy Kimmel's crew interviewed for his aptly-titled segment "Lie Witness News."

Two days before the inauguration, Kimmel quizzed passersby on Trump's new gig.

"We went on the street yesterday, and we asked people how they thought Trump was doing in his first day in office," Kimmel says at the beginning of the clip, which was posted Jan. 19. "Of course, the first day in office isn't until tomorrow. But did that stop anyone from weighing in on this?"


"What did you think of all those viral photos of the stripper pole he installed in the Oval Office? Do you think that's kind of a fun way to change it up?" the interviewer asks one man.

"Well, I mean, if [Trump wants] to have a stripper pole, Nixon I think had a bowling alley," the guy says. Oy.

Kimmel's crew asks more outrageous questions about Trump "bulldozing" Michelle Obama's vegetable garden, lighting the constitution on fire, and flipping off the cameras. Amazingly, the people all answer as though they know EXACTLY what the segment host is referring to.

Americans, it seems, are great at fibbing.

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