Kimmel: Kids Tell Their Fathers The Worst Thing They've Done

Jimmy Kimmel gave a group of dads an early Father’s Day gift with his challenge.

Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel has a habit of doing things differently. From keeping alive the annual tradition of Halloween pranks to raising current political issues, the host has done it all in his own style.

Keeping the tradition of doing things in the most Jimmy Kimmel way, just in time for Father’s Day, Kimmel's crew took to the streets and asked kids the worst things they have done — while standing next to their fathers.

The revelations made by children amused some dads and left others shocked.

Kimmel starts the segment saying, “As much as most of us love our fathers, we keep secrets from them and everyone knows that honesty is the best policy. So, we went out on the streets and we asked kids to tell us the worst thing they ever did. We asked them to tell us while their dad was standing next to them and this is how that went.”

The very first child replied, “Probably when I got in trouble by using bad words. Like the F word.”

Amused by the answer, his dad said he didn’t feel too good.

“I went to a party and I got really messed up and then I had a walk like 10 miles home,” said another girl.

Another revealed, “I got chased by the… well, it wasn’t like the police but it was like this security guard in the mall. I’ve gotten chased multiple times.”

“You have not. Oh my god!” said the shocked father.

Another child revealed, “When my friends over and stuff we do a lot of prank calls. We call Walgreens; we call like, almost like every store.”

While the child explained what he said in the prank calls, his father kept shaking his head.

The next dad had a series of secrets unveiled as six of his children revealed the worst things they had done.

“A while ago he got these Bluetooth earbuds and I sold them on the internet for 20 bucks,” said his son.

His daughter said she smoked weed.

At the end of the video all six of the children wish their father a “Happy Father's Day.”

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