Can You Tell The Difference Between These Two iPhones?

The iPhone SE might be somewhat different from the previous iPhone 5, but a prank by Jimmy Kimmel reveals something interesting about Apple fans.

With the Apple's upcoming release of the new iPhone SE, Jimmy Kimmel set out to prank people who frantically buy whatever new bauble Apple puts on the market.

Using two identical iPhone 5 models, Kimmel and his team took to the streets asking people what they thought of the iPhone SE as compared to the old iPhone 5, making them believe that they were holding both an old and new phone.

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Nobody realized they were holding the exact same phone.

While one guy said he thought the “new” iPhone was a little heavier, other responses included people saying the latest iPhone was “brighter,” “faster” and even “slightly thinner.”

The iPhone SE, which costs $399, will be available for pre-order March 24 onward and deliveries will start on the last day of the month.

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