Kimmel Convinces People To Confess Their Biggest Lies To Their Moms

Nearly every one of us recalls at least a handful of lies we’ve told our parents to get away with things. But could we confess them?

No matter how much we all love our mothers, there are some things we just can never share with her.

To get an insight into some of the lies people have told their moms,  Jimmy Kimmel and his crew went out on the streets to talk to passersby.

“What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told your mom?”  Kimmel asked people, with their mother standing right beside them.

While some women were rather surprised at what their children unveiled, a few rather “chill” ones just seem to take what they were told in their stride, pretending to be indifferent.

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Understandably, many people were hesitant before speaking up.

When one boy was asked “What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told your mom?” he looked towards his mother multiple times before blurting out “I love you.”

Another little boy revealed that he had “stealed daddy’s wedding ring.” His mother elaborated on the whole incident, explaining that she and her husband had to bribe their son with ice cream before he told them the ring was under his pillow.

One young boy was asked, “What’s the worst thing you’ve done that you’ve never told your mom?”

“The first kiss,” he said as his mother gave him a stare.

She went onto say “Are you kidding me?” as her son also admitted that it “was worth it.”

“We’re talking on the way home,” his mom said. Oops, that did not go well.

Check out the hilarious video above, and think about the lies you’ve told your mom!

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