Jimmy Kimmel’s Post Oscar Segment Shows The Mindset Of Trump Lovers

Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show is an attempt to highlight a sad reality about the political mindsets of voters of the 2016 elections.

Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar episode, this time around, took on a political flavor as the comedian added Donald Trump to his medley of hilarity.

Kimmel’s post-Oscar show did not disappoint (as per usual) as he poked fun at Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, yet it was the producer’s satirical spoof about Donald Trump, the infamous GOP hopeful, that drew the loudest laughs.

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprised their “Producer” role later in the show for the special’s musical parody, “Trumped.” The utterly hilarious piece, stars the two legendary actors as down-in-the-dumps, “political consultants” who are on the lookout for a “buffoon” of a candidate who is bound to lose—and their prayers are answered through a commercial of the biggest buffoon of all, Donald Trump.

However, even through their most absurd attempts that should have lost Trump the public’s vote, the GOP frontrunner continues to come out on top.

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The five-minute-parody gives us a deep insight, in a not-so-subtle way, about a sad truth; that a politician, whose tyrannical policies are detrimental to the world at large, is seen by the public, as the best person to represent the strongest nation of the world.

Jimmy Kimmel, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and Kimmel’s assistant Guillermo got in on the fun and have hit the nail on the head in an attempt to recreate the magic of the Tony award winning show.

The musical piece is aptly labeled as "a story that starts out funny, and then gets really really depressing." 

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