Comedian Trolls Trump Fans Into Signing A Petition To Impeach Clinton

Jordan Klepper easily got a Trump fans to sign a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton — who lost the race 10 months ago and does not hold a public office.

It looks like some fans of President Donald Trump are exceptionally ignorant.

Shortly before the commander-in-chief hinted about his plans to pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a rally in Phoenix, a former “Daily Show” correspondent was out on the streets near the Phoenix Convention Center, getting Trump supporters to sign a petition to impeach former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton obviously lost the race for Oval Office nearly 10 months ago and does not hold any public office whatsoever, but Trump fans could not care less about the facts.

“Look closely. You’re gonna see a lot of cameras out there — and that’s the mainstream media,” Jordan Klepper said to a camera in the promo video for his new late-night show on Comedy Central called “The Opposition.”

“Don’t trust anyone who’s talking to a camera,” he added. “We are anti-mainstream, anti-Soros, anti-globalist. We’re anti-Oprah’s Book Club, we’re anti-pho. Not antifa, the movement — the Vietnamese soup.”

He also promised to “expose the hard truths the mainstream media won’t tell you” — which is exactly the kind of thing Trump fans have come to believe, thanks to the president’s anti-media rhetoric — before telling an old lady that “Chuck Todd has a ponytail.”

“These people know who the real threat to democracy is,” Klepper said about the pro-Trump crowd before calling Hillary Clinton "public enemy No. 1" and asking people to sign a petition to impeach her.

He even gave out “Impeach Hillary” T-shirts to the unsuspecting citizens.

 “What do we need to do to move forward from Hillary Clinton?” Klepper asked a Trump supporter.

“Bury her,” she responded. “I hate her.”

Watch the complete video above.

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