Kanye West Is Now Hiring Birds To Protect His Family

Although he is crying out being broke, Kanye West is still thinking about importing killer eagles to protect his family.

What to do when normal bodyguards just don't cut it anymore? Bring in the big talons.

Rapper Kanye West reportedly wants to import a bunch of killer eagles to protect Kim Kardashian and his kids, which is a totally “normal” defense against paparazzi according to him.

Kanye West Hiring Killer




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This totally sane measure came to Kanye after seeing Dutch police’s trained eagles, who tear down drones in a new counter terrorism approach.

The musician is reportedly in talks with the Dutch police about purchasing or hiring some of these deadly birds to fight drones for his wife Kim and two kids, North and Saint West. To Kanye, these eagles allegedly seem the perfect weapons to fight vandalism and the hovering paparazzi.

"Kanye’s thrilled Kim with his stunning new plan, he’s opened negotiations with Dutch police to buy or lease raging killer eagles trained to rip flying drones right out of the sky,” a source speaking to the National Enquirer revealed.

“Kim thought the idea was for the birds — until she viewed jaw-dropping footage of razor-beaked iron-clawed predators snatching and smashing drones in flight.”

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Earlier this month, it appeared vandals spray-painted the couple's home with “I heart Kim” and “I heart Kanye.” Neighbors and security guards were perplexed until they discovered the graffiti artists was the couple themselves who spray painted their own walls since their plush property is under construction.

Despite his tweets lamenting his financial woes and multimillion debts, Kanye never seems to compromise on finding new costly ways to protect his clan.

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