Larry David Addresses His Distasteful Concentration Camp Joke On SNL

“Like these comics out there who think it’s OK to make jokes about concentration camps. That guy should rot in hell,” Larry David said.

Larry David was on "Saturday Night Live" to make amends for the distasteful jokes from his opening monologue last week.

David had reprised his widely acclaimed role of Bernie Sanders, in a sketch that lamented the out-of-touch attitudes of the Democratic leadership. The beginning of the sketch was cringeworthy, as well-known Dems appeared on screen and awkwardly tried to connect to a millennial audience, with an unconvinced peppiness in their voice. Representatives from a party that alienated a large part of the population by being condescending toward them, confessed that they could no longer depend on “the coastal elites," but also had to appeal to “window-lickers from Ohio."

Couched in a sketch that poked fun at the Democratic commitment to “fresh, new faces," was an acknowledgement on David’s part that his joke on women in concentration camps from last week was hurtful. At one point in the sketch, his character, Sanders, called out the devil’s advocates like himself, who insist on using politically incorrect language, often at the cost of victims.

“Like these comics out there who think it’s OK to make jokes about concentration camps. That guy should rot in hell.”

With an outpouring of sexual harassment allegations and the discomfort its own flippant language caused viewers, SNL seemed to be a lot more cautious in approaching the subject.

In another sketch featuring sexual harassment allegations about Roy Moore, only at the end does Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions spring out of a cupboard to offer an insight on how men benefit from the system of oppression. In the sketch, Sessions is told by a possum that he is not party to the system and he squeals with delight.

In Larry David’s sketch, SNL writers seem to have done the same, making a powerful man take a glance, however momentarily, at himself in the mirror.

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