Stephen Colbert Questions Trump On Russian Hacking In Spoof Interview

In a spoof "exclusive interview" with President-elect Donald Trump, Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked Trump some really tough questions on the Russian hacking claims.

In a mock interview with President-elect Donald Trump, comedian and "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert asked some of the questions we've all been longing to hear since the Russian hacking fiasco.

After the CIA alleged that Russian hackers had swayed the U.S. presidential elections, Trump denied the claim as "ridiculous."

Colbert staged a spoof interview with the president-elect to address the statement and some other salient talking points like, "What's your favorite dressing? Is it Russian?" and, "Do you think Rocky beat Ivan Drago in 'Rocky IV?'"

The lighthearted interview was tempered with some cold, hard facts, as Colbert questioned Trump's ties to Putin and Russia. When the pre-recorded audio of Trump cited his "landslide" Electoral College victory as the cause of his successful bid for the presidency, Colbert took him to task.

"OK, since you brought it up, there have been 58 presidential elections so far," said Colbert, holding up a chart. "Of those 58, your victory ranked 46th in the Electoral College."

"You're below Garfield," joked Colbert, "and he was a cat."

As the CIA continues to probe into the Russian hacking claims and politicians call for everything from an Electoral College briefing to a whole new election, Colbert's interview offered a small reprieve from the stress of watching Trump handle international relations in real life. 

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