UK Reporter "Destroys" Rare $200K Superhero Poster On Live TV

Quick! Call the superhero that deals with restoring beloved antique superhero artwork -- or tricky coworkers.

"Good Morning Britain"’s meteorologist Laura Tobin left her co-stars speechless after she accidentally ripped a rare superhero poster worth £150,000 ($216,067).

The 34-year-old presenter donned special white gloves as she handled the rare artifact and she was even seen shaking as she lifted the clear film over the cover. Standing over a poster, she explained that this was such a rare comic book character, hardly anyone knew of him. However, she ended up ripping it all the way across.

A comic book specialist was also in the studio and confirmed that Tobin had indeed destroyed the antique.

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"Oh my goodness! Is this the original one that's worth £150,000?" she asked.

"We are making this up, right?" a clearly shocked and shaken Richard Arnold said.

Another presenter, Charlotte Hawkins, said uncertainly: “Shall we go to a break…? Can we just glue that back down again? Can we go to an advert?"

Luckily, it turned out that Tobin had pulled a major prank on her co-presenters and that the so-called rare poster was not real.

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