Leo DiCaprio's Oscar Quest Now Has A Video Game

Leo can finally win the race for an Oscar now!!!!!

A new web game called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage from Line Animation studio allows players to compete in a mad dash across the red carpet with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fans and players are actively taking part in the rampage through the awards season gauntlet with the Hollywood star. The goal of the game is simple: outrace everyone else on the red carpet to the prize. Other racers on the carpet include Lady Gaga, Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender.

red carpet rampage



The arcade-style platform makes a mocking DiCaprio figure run along the red carpet toward the Oscars award by simultaneously tapping the G and H keyboard buttons.



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During the run, gamers can make the 41-year-old actor jump over obstacles, such as paparazzi and the iceberg that claimed him in "Titanic" (but still left him Oscar-less.)

red carpet rampage

With the Oscars coming up on Feb. 28, DiCaprio is a frontrunner nominated for Best Actor for "The Revenant."

The Revenant

Although Leo might outdo many in the virtual race, let's see if he actually reaches the prize for real at the Oscars. 

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