Watch Ariana Grande’s Lip Sync Conversation On 'The Tonight Show'

Lip sync battles are too mainstream, so the “Dangerous Woman” singer just had a lip sync conversation with Jimmy Fallon and it was strangely hilarious.

Ariana Grande made an appearance on the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” and went gung-ho in a strange new segment inspired by the late night show’s popular lip sync battle.

The idea behind the recently introduced “Lip Sync Conversation” might sound a little confusing and nonsensical at first, but the award-winning singer and the late night host almost managed to pull off the entire two-and-a-half minute long conversation by using snippets from various billboard hits.

The pop references were pretty spot on, and while the sketch seemed a little off at first, it actually turned hilarious as it progressed. Who knows, like its predecessor, this new segment might also turn into a popular show.

Watch the strange, yet comical, lip sync conversation in the video above.

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