Melissa McCarthy Took Sean Spicer's Podium For A Spin In New York City

Melissa McCarthy was spotted on a motorized podium, donning her White House press secretary Sean Spicer getup in Midtown in New York City.

Melissa McCarthy plays White House press secretary Sean Spicer better than Spicer himself. This is an incontestable fact — just watch a recent episode of "Saturday Night Live" in which McCarthy dons a suit and Spicer-esque combover.

This clip from February, for example, will leave you in tears due to McCarthy's impeccable frazzled, fibbing Spicer impression.

Seriously — McCarthy nails this particular gig with her biting impersonation of the snappy, scattered White House official.

Take this Easter message, in which she tackled everything from his egregious comments about Hitler and the Holocaust to Trump's coining of the term "bad hombre."

It's so spot-on, it's scary.

And now, dear SNL enthusiasts, McCarthy is back, and we have a feeling she'll be better than ever before.

She was found wheeling down Midtown in her Spicer costume, specifically, and fans are left wondering exactly what the upcoming episode will entail.

 We can't wait to see what McCarthy brings to this table (motorized podium?). Twitter, of course, shares our enthusiasm.

We only wonder if there's a nearby bush for McCarthy's Spicer to materialize from.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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