Melissa McCarthy Tackles Sean Spicer's Hitler Comments On 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer returned to "Saturday Night Live" — this time, as a very angry Easter Bunny.

After the disastrous week that White House press secretary Sean Spicer had, Melissa McCarthy couldn’t possibly stay away from reprising her iconic impersonation on "Saturday Night Live."

McCarthy filmed her third appearance as Spicer in this weekend’s sketch not from SNL’s Studio H in New York City, but from a set all the way in Los Angeles. The timing of this episode also allowed McCarthy to pay costumed homage to the time Spicer actually did dress up as an Easter Bunny.

Taking the center stage as a very angry Easter Bunny, the actress tackled the real-life Spicer's recent comments about Nazi German Dictator Adolph Hitler. Earlier this week, the White House spokesman made comments about Hitler's use of chemical weapons during World War II favorably comparing him to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — a name Spicer can't seem to get right.  

The skit began with McCarthy's Spicer wishing everyone a happy Easter in his usual fashion.

"Shut up, so I can apologize... Yeah, you all got your wish this week. Spicy finally made a mistake," the press secretary said.

McCarthy's Spicer then went on to clarify he didn’t mean to say “Holocaust centers” but rather “concentration clubs,” and that the media shouldn’t make such a big fuss over “every little slur and lie that I say.”

"I am sensitive to the fact that they went there on trains, but at least they didn’t have to fly United,” McCarthy added, poking fun at the United Airlines debacle earlier this week in which a passenger was beaten and forcibly removed from a plane.

McCarthy went on to further apologize for the timing of the incident so close to Passover, aka “Jewish Easter,” which she proceeded to explain horrendously with the help of a doll dressed as Pharaoh.

The phrase “crouching tiger, hidden dreidel” may have also popped up during the botched history lesson.

Watch the complete skit in the video above.

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